We build smart mobile apps using state of the art web-based technologies.
Our focus is on social, service-oriented, well-performing and good looking apps that will just make your life easier and happier.
The goal of our apps is to facilitate your daily life, your work performance, your sports and leisure activities, your family and friends relationships, while strongly relying on modern technology.

Web-apps are rapidely becoming a better alternative to native applications and are now reaching a very comparable level of performance.
The improvements brought by modern technologies such as the Ionic frameworks, Angular2 or the GreenSock libraries allow for very smooth front-end results as well as strong back-end data handling. But the greatest advantage of web-apps is their multi-platform compatibility.
The Cordova libraries allow to reuse the same code across a variety of platforms such as iOS, Android or Windows mobile. And these open-source capabilities keep increasing on a daily basis.
These resources reduce significantly the development and maintainance time and costs, providing in the end a better user experience.

Offices in Amsterdam/NL and Paris/FR

MonkeyBeard SAS
16 Bd Saint Germain
75005 Paris - France